MERY PLAYA by Sofia Resing Launching Party at Spring Studios

Celebrities attend MERY PLAYA by Sofia Resing launching event at Spring Studios.  Hannah Ferguson, Cindy Mello, Daniela Braga and Madison Headrick to name a few!

Sofia Resing, ML Perlman, Ringo Merea and Mery Racauchi

Sofia Resing and Mery Racauchi

Sofia Resing

Cindy Mello

Mery Racauchi and Bianca Klotsman

Katrina Kuglova

Anabela Belikava



Lameka Fox

Madison Headrick

Daniela Braga, Luna Castilho, Sofia Resing, Daiane Sodre and Mery Racauchi

Daphne Groeneveld

Michelle Song

Beth Chasteen

Aline Weber

Natalie Duffy

Marina Nery

Matcha Bar

Chris Lavish

Svetlana Zakharova

Samantha Gradoville

Isabelle Boemeke

Marianne Fonseca and Cindy Mello

Mike and Daves Ice Cream

MJ Butterly and Peyton Knight

Peyton Knight and MJ Butterly

Lana Pozhidaeva

Marina Fairfax

Bojana Krsmanovic

Hillow Hand and Sofia Resing

Ashley Haas

Barbara Lee Grant, Kellyanne and Hannah Mussette


Michelle Dantas

Marianne Fonseca, Cindy Mello, Victor Robertof and Sofia Resing

Ringo Merea, Kidsuper Designer Colm Dillane and Mery Racauchi

Mery Racauchi and Ringo Merea

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Hannah Ferguson and Sofia Resing

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