Be Clear Bootcamp 2018

Last Thursday I attended the ”Be Clear Bootcamp” effaclar 2018, to learn more about LA ROCHE- POSAY, a brand from the L’OREAL family.

We were welcomed by a delicious breakfast and the chance to connect with others attending the event.

I was so excited to learn more about skincare. We started with Acne training with Dr. Tamara Lazic, I got the opportunity to learn a lot about Acne, I was very interested in learning what causes acne and what can I use for my own skin.

The four steps involved in formation of acne are;

a) Early comedone, accumulation of epithelial cells and keratin

2) Later comedoma, Accumulation of shed keratin and sebum

3) Inflammatory papule / pustule; Propionibacterium acnes proliferation

4) Nodule cyst, Marked inflammatory scarring

Me and my friend Bianca @holisticrx excited about the new products!

Sadly there’s no much research on which foods help combat acne, but some studies say that sugars, chocolates and simple carbs contribute to having acne. Stress is also a large factor  that causes acne and research shows that in the recent years some people over the age of 50 have acne due to a fast lifestyle or stress. Acne is generally associated with teenager and hormones and while it is most common in teens, it can occur in anyone.

Dr. Lazic explained that hormonal acne affects the side of the face while rosacea affects the T Zone.

Weather is also a key factor to take into account, in NYC is easier to have eczema due to the cold weather and stress, while being in the sun helps with eczema. However the sun doesn’t help acne and it is important to protect the skin from the sun with the New ANTHELIOS 60 from LA ROCHE – POSAY.

Acne can be difficult but there are lots of treatments that can help. You may choose  home remedies like lemon or toothpaste or you may also choose acutane, a safe method but with lots of restrictions. However It could be very harmful if you are pregnant.

You can also choose physical therapy carried out by the dermatologist, acne microsurgery, chemical peels or laser treatments.

Make up can also improve your self esteem without aggravating acne.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Taking care of it is essential!

I got the chance to try a lot of their new products, and I can say that the EFFACLAR MAT daily moisturizer is one of my favs with the TOLERIANE purifying foaming cleanser.


Using products that don’t compromise our planet is incredibly important to me and I learned about L’OREAL’s commitment to safety and sustainability.

L’Oreal R&I considers five main areas of vigilance in our activities:

Human health and safety

The preservation of the environment

The preservation of Biodiversity

The implementation of fair business practices

The social and societal impact of its activities

To finish with the Be Clear Bootcamp we created a secret serum for Taylor Swift with 6 easy ingredients. All LA ROCHE POSAY products are developed using a strict formulation charter with a minimal number of ingredients and are formulated with ingredients at optimal concentrations.

Hope guys you enjoyed this post and if you have any question let me know!

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